Arcadia Farms Cafe – Not just for girls anymore!

Recently Schmooze conducted our very own study to see if we could entice a male friend to eat lunch with us at Arcadia Farms Cafe and the results are in, men like the food too! What a relief! Arcadia Farms Cafe has long been known as the respite for girl lunches and get-togethers, but men the food here is fabulous! Factor in some of the most delicious pastries and deserts around, a lovely patio and a warm and friendly staff and your lunch is guaranteed to be splendid, (also did we mention you will score big points for bringing your favorite girl here!)

Schmooze, always following the recommendations of our wonderful servers, was excited to try the Strawberry Chicken Salad and talk about a beautiful and delish choice! It was almost a shame to eat it! The strawberries were vine ripened and sweet, not a sour one among them, and the chicken was grilled to perfection! The salad was topped off with toasted almonds and glazed with the most enticing poppyseed vinaigrette!

The male among us (we were going to say token but that was a given) selected the Californian Club Sandwich and even offered to share it! Never once did he complain about it being too girly! Piled high with smoked turkey breast, avocado, roma tomatoes and applewood smoked bacon on rosemary focaccia bread, he survived with his manhood intact!

So girls and guys, the results speak for themselves! Men can enjoy a lovely lunch at Arcadia Farms Cafe with the girls and still feel secure in their masculinity!


Arcadia Farms Cafe
7014 E 1st Ave

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