Feeling Groovy at the Orange Table

As an artist (Schmooze Artist even) we appreciate anyplace dripping with artwork and an eclectic atmosphere, especially if their food is great also and the Orange Table didn’t disappoint. The decor is fun and fanciful, complete with artwork by Who Cares, fun tables and chairs that are also comfortable and old bicycles turned into planters. It gets our vote for a fun place to grab a latte with friends after exploring SMOCA. With a huge selection of coffee drinks I am sure something will delight you! Oh and did I mention the great outdoor patio?

The Orange Table has a strong following of breakfast fans, and who can blame them with such original favorites as Jalapeno Pecan Pancakes (delish) and White Flannel Hash (corned beef, white onions, mushrooms, and garlic cooked with potatoes and smothered on sour cream). So deciding to break with tradition, Schmooze thought we would actually check the Orange Table at lunch and try something new. (Yes, occasionally we get a wild idea and mix things up a bit!)

The first thing we noticed is that there were no long waiting lines to get a table (weekends for breakfast can be a bit of a wait), first plus! Our server quickly cleared off a table for us and brought a drink, second plus! She was friendly and made a great suggestion for lunch, third plus! Schmooze took her suggestion and tried the Original Chipotle Chicken Melt and we are so glad we did! It was a grilled chicken breast covered with melted cheddar and provolone cheese, tomato, red onion, lettuce and chipotle mayo on grilled sourdough bread. The only suggestion Schmooze has for you if you try this sandwich is too bring breath mints and be kind to your companions! Oh and ignore the bite missing from our sandwich, it didn’t come that way! We were so eager to try it, we almost forgot to take pictures!

Orange Table
7373 E Scottsdale Mall

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