El Hefe – More than just a sexy taco bar!

Schmooze loves street tacos more than anyone, but our interest was really aroused by the mention of duck tacos! In all fairness, our friends and loyal followers (all two of them) have been bugging us for weeks to check out El Hefe and we frankly ran out of excuses not to, the duck tacos just cinched the deal. Schmooze immediately fell in love with El Hefe and the quirky decor, someone had a lot of fun decorating this place, its visual eye-candy!



Skateboards, a bike, a Dia de los Muertos figurine and some great wall painting provide an appealing sense of playfulness, this is a place to let loose and have a great time! You have to love a place decorated in pink and black, right? Another great touch is that all the food is served on wooden boards branded with the El Hefe logo. Cool.


But the best part of El Hefe is that the tables have a metered beer tap right there for you to use whenever the mood strikes. Feeling a bit parched, no need to wait for your server, just draw down a glass of cold beer. Now that is ingenious. What will they think of next?

The menu is fun and puts a culinary spin on the simple taco. There are six varieties to choose from such as Braised Beef Cheek, Chicken Tinga, Pork al Pastor, Duck Carnitas , Grilled Mushroom Calabacitus and Carne Asada. Our favorite was the Chicken Tinga which comes with grilled chicken, charred onion, jicama relish, mango, passion fruit salsa and lime crema for a wonderful blend of flavors. Equally delicious was the Duck Carnitas with tomatillo, avocado, pecan and cherry mole. The duck was not gamey at all and was very tender. All tacos are served on corn tortillas but flour and gluten free brown rice are available as well.

Schmooze also enjoyed the Mexico City Quesadilla with braised short ribs, radish and goat cheese crema. The short ribs were very tender and tasty and the goat cheese crema was a great compliment. I have to admit it though, one of the tastiest parts of the quesadilla are the marinated radishes (the pink things in the photo, love them!)


If you are not in the mood for tacos, don’t worry there are plenty of other options on the menu. The Hefe Dog is immense (yes size does matter) and features a Kobe Beef hotdog wrapped in mesquite bacon and stuffed into a Mexican Bolillo roll (great bread) smothered with mayo, mustard, beans and green chili salsa. Told you it was huge!


The Tortas are amazing as well, the bread is fabulous and a bit on the sweet side which provides a good complement to the choice of pork belly, chicken or carne asada.


Happy Hour is from 3 – 7 pm, seven days a week and features $2 tacos, $3 Coors or Dos XX Draft, $3 well drinks or Hefe Wine, $4 Loaded Beers and $5 Red Bull Vodkas. We definitely love the 7 day a week deal.


Schmooze rolls out the beach blanket to welcome El Hefe into the Old Town Hula Hoop, we are sure this will be a great relationship and not just a summer fling!


El Hefe
4425 N Saddlebag Trail

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