Old Town Happy Hour - Citizen Public House

Old Town Happy Hour – Citizen Public House


Unless you have been living under a rock you know we love Old Town and personally we think it has the best places for Happy Hour in town (Ok we admit, we might be a little biased here)! So we are always up for showing off our town and what better way to do it then by promoting Happy Hour every Thursday at 5pm. You can check Facebook and Twitter to find out where we will be next time. Here are the results of our recommendations; we will of course be updating this weekly so stay tuned! See the lengths we are willing to go for you to bring you these updates! I swear it’s a tough job!

Citizen Public House
Thursday, April 26

Week two of exploring the “Best Happy Hour” in Old Town and your expert crew (ok we found some friends who had nothing better to do on Thursday night) spent another night sampling some of the best appetizers this town has to offer. Where might you ask were we this week? Citizen Public House of course! Long known among locals for it’s great blend of ambiance, great drinks and adventurous appetizers it’s no wonder this was on our list of places to recommend.

For those of you not in the know, Citizen Public House’s success is the result of its three wonderful partners. Andrew Fritz is the mastermind behind the smooth operation, Chef Bernie Kantak is the creative force behind the amazing food and Mixologist Richie Moe is the person responsible for the wonderful cocktails served up at Citizen Public House.

Entering the door you immediately realize this is a place you want to hang out with friends. Comfy couches, a dark wood bar and welcoming staff immediately make you feel right at home. Nothing stuffy here, the place practically screams comfort at you, just resist the urge to kick off those shoes!


Happy Hour has some unusual items on the menu, this is when I should warn you that your typical menu. Many of the appetizers come served in bell jars and are meant to be shared and explored. Looking for more standard fare, don’t worry, all the regular appetizers are ½ off during Happy Hour as well and you can still find some signature items here to try also.


Two of or favorites from the Happy Hour menu were the pickled eggplant and the pickled eggs. The Pickled Eggplant is a mixture of curry, greek yogurt and comes with Lepinja Bread for dipping and spreading. The eggplant is delicious and the bread is wonderful, give it a try for a new taste adventure!


The Pickled Eggs are also served with bread and Ghost Chili Salt. They have a slightly sweet taste, which was unexpected but very pleasant!


Now for our tried and true recommendations for Happy Hour; do you like bacon? Well Duh, who doesn’t! May we suggest the Tender Belly Bacon Fat Heirloom Popcorn? Once again remember that all regular appetizers are half off during Happy Hour. Dig yourself some comfort food? How about Chicken and Waffles? Buttermilk-marinated fried chicken on oat waffles covered in almond butter and blue clover honey. Another must try item on the menu is the Kiltlifter Fondue. It is served with bread, sausage and apple slices for dipping with those cute little forks. Yeah what’s not to love about a great fondue?


After all was passed around, sampled and commented on your ‘Expert’ Happy Hour crew left nothing to go to waste and here is the proof! Hey we told you it was a tough job!



Citizen Public House
Happy Hour
3pm – 6pm daily

Craftsman Court & 5th Ave
Old Town Scottsdale

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