Old Town Happy Hour - Malee's Thai Bistro

Old Town Happy Hour – Malee’s Thai Bistro


Unless you have been living under a rock you know we love Old Town and personally we think it has the best places for Happy Hour in town (Ok we admit, we might be a little biased here)! So we are always up for showing off our town and what better way to do it then by promoting Happy Hour every Thursday at 5pm. You can check Facebook and Twitter to find out where we will be next time. Here are the results of our recommendations; we will of course be updating this weekly so stay tuned! See the lengths we are willing to go for you to bring you these updates! I swear it’s a tough job!


Malee’s Thai Bistro
Thursday, June 14

Always ready to try new things, our Happy Hour group bravely stepped outside the box and tried something different last week and we are sure glad we did! Malee’s Thai Bistro has an amazing Happy Hour and we are shocked that it had been so long since we have been here. If you have never been to Malee’s wait are you waiting for?



If you are like us, and unaware about the wonderful goings-on at Malee’s, let us educate you a bit. Malee’s is known for being voted Best Thai Restaurant in Azcentrals Best of list for 2009 and 2010 and for having the most amazing thai food in Scottsdale, not to mention being on the date list of many of us in town. But did you know they have great HH specials too? Happy Hour specials run from Monday – Friday from 4 – 6 pm with selected entrees at $5.25 or choose three for $20 ensures you can impress a date and still have some change left over. House wine and well drinks are $3.50 also or you can get a great tasting Cosmopolitan for $4.50. They also have amazing cooking classes, check their website for details on upcoming classes.


But what really got our attention here was the food. The consensus at the table was that this was the Best Happy Hour food we have had in town. And given the great places we have reviewed, that is saying a lot. But it in not just hype, try it yourself and let us know what you think. You won’t be disappointed. One of the first things to catch our eye was the ‘Choose Any 3 for $20 Special’. We had a hard time deciding on just three but finally selected the Pad Thai Noodles, the Chicken Panang and the Bombay Curry. No regrets here, all three small plates were delicious. The Pad Thai was flavorful, the Bombay Curry was an assortment of veggies in a creamy yellow curry and the Chicken Panang was chicken in a kaffir lime curry with carrots and bell peppers.


In addition, we also ordered some items off the $5.25 menu.  The first up was the Crab Rangoon, which are fried crab & cream cheese puffs served with a tangy raspberry sauce. Yum. Definitely a must order item!


Next up were the Summer Rolls and the Veggie Rolls. Since they look similar in the photos, I won’t bore you with both pictures. The Summer Rolls are rice paper stuffed with chicken, shrimp, rice noodles, mint, cucumber and cabbage. The Veggie Rolls substitute tofu for the chicken and shrimp. Both are served cold and are equally delicious, we couldn’t pick a favorite here.


The Siamese Kisses are exquisite and were a personal favorite. The shumai dumplings are stuffed with minced chicken and shrimp. They taste as pretty as they look. The sauce was a perfect compliment and gave them a tangy/sweet taste.


Malee’s Thai Bistro is always on our list of recommendations although we have to admit to not stopping by this little gem in Old Town as often as we should, a travesty we will have to correct!

Malee’s Thai Bistro
7131 E. Main St
Old Town Scottsdale



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