In need of a little rehab? Rehab Burger Therapy

You know we love us a great burger, so we have been anticipating our first visit to Rehab Burger Therapy for some time now. You might ask, “What took us so long?” Wish we had a clue, but the delay was definitely our loss. We wont make that mistake again, and plan on adding Rehab to our regular rotation… in fact we will be there soon for Happy Hour with the Schmooze Crew so stay tuned if you haven’t checked them out yet!


What’s so special about Rehab? Well for one thing the place is fun and not uptight. The servers are friendly, helpful and attentive. Thinking about a relaxing vacation? This place practically screams SoCal beach fun, all that was missing was the sound of the waves and a little Beach Boys music in the background. Surfboards and beach cruisers decorate the walls and ceiling and we even saw a great two-seater! Definitely a place to hang loose, so loosen up that tie a bit! (like anyone wears ties here anyway).


All that ambiance isn’t worth the surfboard they rode in if the food can’t measure up… fortunately that wasn’t a problem. The selection of burgers are extensive but if a burger isn’t what you are looking for, no sweat, they have great sandwiches and salads too. But we should warn you, the sammy’s are huge, we saw a tuna salad sandwich go by that was the size of a handbag but it won’t break your wallet… $9.

Still not feeling the burger zen yet, no problem. Any burger can have a grilled chicken or turkey patty substituted for the burger. (We didn’t see any vegetarian option on the menu). All burgers come with the “L.O.T. Treatment”, lettuce, onion, tomato unless you specify otherwise. The burgers also come in two sizes… Rehab or Relapse, so you can fit the size of the burger to your appetite.


We chose the B.Y.O.B burger, always a fan of keeping it real! The B.Y.O.B. burger stands for build your own burger, and our only addition was the cheese. They have plenty to choose from so you can find one to suit your taste. All burgers, and sandwiches , come with your choice of Skin-On-Fries or Sweet PoTOToes, which are sweet potato tater tots. Definitely go with the tots and ask for a side of the teriyaki pineapple aioli. They make it in house and it is to die for. Perfect for the tots. You can thank us later. If you do choose the fries, get the spicy ketchup to accompany them, its’ also made in house.

 Sweet Potato Tots

Teriyaki Pineapple Aioli


We didn’t try the Pig Wings but they intrigue us, so we need to come back soon. We will definitely bring the Schmooze Crew in for Thursday Happy Hour soon, so stay tuned for more Rehab time, and trust me, some of our crew can use the Rehab after the past few weeks!


Rehab Burger Therapy
7210 East 2nd Street, Old Town Scottsdale



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