Old Town Happy Hour - Kelly's at Southbridge

Old Town Happy Hour – Kelly’s at Southbridge

Unless you have been living under a rock you know we love Old Town and personally we think it has the best places for Happy Hour in town (Ok we admit, we might be a little biased here)! So we are always up for showing off our town and what better way to do it then by promoting Happy Hour every Thursday at 5pm. You can check Facebook and Twitter to find out where we will be next time. Here are the results of our recommendations; we will of course be updating this weekly so stay tuned! See the lengths we are willing to go for you to bring you these updates! I swear it’s a tough job!


Kelly’s at Southbridge
Thursday, July 12

We. Love. This. Spot. But what’s not to love? Kelly’s at Southbridge has everything, great ambiance, great food, great people and ohhh those comfy couches. We are a huge fan of soft-seating, being the social type, and Kelly’s has arranged couch clusters all over for your seating enjoyment. We selfishly stole the one by the window for ourselves, (because it’s all about us!) and sank back to enjoy a great evening.


Like pool? Want to take on some friends and show off your moves? Kelly’s has a pool table, dart board and lots of TV’s to keep you entertained… no reason to be bored here. Both times we’ve been here (on a Thursday around 6pm), they have had a great crowd and lots of fun people. Definitely a place you feel like staying and hanging out in.


It was pointed out to me that all my pictures are always crooked! I would love to counter that with the argument that they are artistic but actually I just can’t take a straight picture so I gave up trying!


Okay on to the important stuff, the food and drink! Kelly’s has Happy Hour from 4 PM to 7 PM Mon – Fri. Which includes $3 Domestic bottles, $4 Premium bottles, $4 Craft beer, $4 Wells, $5 Calls, $2 off all glasses of wine and ½ price Kelly’s cocktails so everyone should be covered with something they like to drink. The wine list is great, and we tried a few mixed cocktails like this pretty Cosmo… yep it’s a girly drink!


Happy Hour also includes discounted food items such as wings, Mac ‘n’ Cheese, Bruschetta and Kelly’s Weiner (insert crude joke here). Most of what we tried was off the actual menu but we did check out the wings. The wings were covered in a Maple Bourbon and Calabrian Chili glaze, which was very tasty but not overly spicy. It was sweet with a bit of a kick and came with a Blue Cheese Fondue on the side. Everyone loved the wings, which as you know is difficult to pull off pleasing everyone! (I know you grammar fanatics are dissecting that sentence right now!)


Another big hit off the menu was the Deviled Eggs. We have to admit to being somewhat jaded over deviled eggs, everyone has them and they are all good, but we have never tasted great deviled eggs. Let me assure you Kelly’s deviled eggs are a must try item. They come on a drizzle green sauce (no clue what is in it, I tried to get the details for you but no go). They got a bit of a kick to them, these are not Aunt Hilda’s deviled eggs. Well done!


Not a huge fan of Pâté I was surprised at how I enjoyed this version. The bread was great and the Chicken Liver Pâté was very tasty, well until it fell off the bread and landed on my foot. Geesh you just can’t take me anywhere!


On of the big hits of the evening were the Assorted Cheese Board and the Charcuterie Platter. Wow. The Artisan Cheese Board comes with 4 different types of cheese and then the chefs take it from there to design an artful, colorful selection of flavor. Let me tell you how much fun we had trying everything on the board and enjoying the sampling of different taste sensations the chefs had prepared for us. Every night, the selection is unique and completely up to the discretion of the chef so you will never get the same board twice. Being an artist, I can appreciate the artistic value of the assortment of foods in both in terms of color and flavor.

The same is true of the Charcuterie Platter, the only difference is the substitution of meat for cheese. Our board had Petit Jesu, Prosciutto, Coppo and Cattatorini plus a sampling of other delectable delights that paired with the meats perfectly.

Now I need to pull you aside and assure you that the next thing I am going to discuss is a not to miss item. I’m just going to come right out and say it… Roasted Brussels Sprouts. There it’s out. I know, I know, you hate Brussels Sprouts, I know I’m not a fan of them either. But trust me, you don’t want to miss these. The Brussels Sprouts come mixed with a candied bacon and are roasted to perfection. This is a house specialty and too good to miss. Trust me.


We are definitely going to need to stop by for another Happy Hour soon to try the Bruschetta and Kelly’s Weiner (get your mind out of the gutter!)


Kelly’s at Southbridge
7117 East 6th Ave.
Old Town Scottsdale



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