Brat Haüs - Brats, and Beer and Burgers... Oh My!!

Brat Haüs – Brats, and Beer and Burgers… Oh My!!

What do we love about the Brat Haüs.. what don’t we love. You know we are all about the love of great food and fun times and places we love to hang out with friends and the Brat Haüs certainly fits the bill. The patio is superb and has all the things you love to do with friends, a huge Jenga block, tetherball, ping pong, cornhole… all in one of the best hidden patios in Old Town. Want a place to ride your bikes too, hang out and enjoy a great afternoon… no problem, this is your place. The Brat Haüs makes you feel right at home the moment you walk across the giant logo on the floor and it never stops until you walk out the door.



Art is synonymous with Old Town, and the Brat Haüs does its part to support local artists with a huge mural outside which changes every 90 days.




Want a photo next to the signature VW Brat Haüs bus… no problem, a server will be happy to oblige you and trust me, they are experts at getting the perfect group shot. We got to see them use their skills several times while we were there. The bus normally is seen all over town minus the baseball cap, but hey it’s Spring Training and everyone is getting into the spirit these days!




In need of a cold beer? The Bru Haüs has you covered with 28 beers on tap and another 35 or so in bottles or cans. Really thirsty? Ask for the boot… 32 oz. of any German draft beer and you keep the boot shaped glass for $20.




If beer isn’t your thing, the Brat Haüs carries cocktails, wine and specialty sodas. No coke or pepsi here, instead try an artisan soda such as Empire, Dads Root Beer, Kickapoo or Bubble Up to name just a few. This is a fine example of the Brat Haüs doing things a bit different, and we love it! It’s the attention to detail and the little things that make a restaurant great. As the menu says… It’s the Art of Swine Dining. Oh don’t forget to check out the t-shirts on the servers for great entertainment.



Enough with the ambiance, what you really want to know is this…. is the food any good? Well first off let us admit German food is not our thing. That being said, we loved the food. The menu had plenty of variety to satisfy everyone in your party with salads, starters, brats, burgers and a great charcuterie selection for noshing. We started off with a house specialty, the Haüs Original Pretzel. These are handmade with local Hayden Mills Flour and come with a warm cheese dipping sauce. The pretzels are very chewy, not for the weak jawed. The sauce is amazing and is served warm, an excellent compliment to the pretzels. We love that the Brat Haüs only uses local flour, there is that attention to detail again!




Brats, yep the Brat Haüs has plenty to choose from as their name would imply. Currently they have 9 on the menu ranging from the Traditional Beer Brat (their most popular and the one we tried) to Southwest Chicken, Moroccan Lamb, Rabbit and Hops and Duck and Dates. Whew that’s enough variety to keep any German happy for awhile and the rest of us pretty satisfied too! The brats can be customized to your liking with simple German mustard or a variety of toppings such as Sauerkraut, Root Beer Onions or Apricot Onion Chutney. The brat we tried was mighty tasty, had a great texture and was very flavorful. All the brats are made with Niman Ranch Pork which is antibiotic free and pasture raised. Happy Pigs make the best brats!




Did we mention that the Brat Haüs has burgers? Yep, they do. A favorite is the Pig Mac which is a 1/3 pound of pork sausage, 1/3 lb. of ground beef, lettuce, pickle, caramelized onion, cheddar cheese and Hush Hush sauce. That’s the Brat Haüs version of secret sauce and good luck getting the recipe, although they do sell it to go we were told. The Pig Mac was delicious, served with pickles or you can get fries on the side for an extra few dollars, which we opted for.




The fries were great, just the way we like them. Tasty, firm and not overcooked. They are served with your choice of sauce or you can get them covered with cheese or bacon. The dipping sauces are of course the Hush Hush Sauce, Truffle Aioli, Chipotle Aioli, Siracha Aioli, or Blue Cheese-Bacon Sauce. Decisions, decisions….




No visit to the Brat Haüs would be complete without trying their Drunken Date Cake, it is after all a house specialty. Definitely worth sharing with friends (if you really like them that much), the date cake is a sponge cake made from Oatmeal Stout. Get it with the vanilla ice cream drizzled over it for a heavenly treat, what’s a few more calories? You can work them off playing ping pong or Jenga later, trust us it’s totally worth it!





The Brat Haüs has Happy Hour from 3 – 6 pm, Monday – Friday with $2 off all drafts, $1 off bottles, cans, liquor and wine and specials on food. Need another reason to stop by and check them out? How about Sunday Cinema Brat Haüs style! Boots, Brats and B-movies, what could be better? The cinema package includes a traditional brat, boot full of beer, small fries and a b-movie for $20 every Sunday night. Sounds like a great date night to us…

Brat Haüs
3622 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Sun – Thurs 11 am – 10 pm
Fri – Sat 11 am – Midnight

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