Schmooze \shmooz\ : to engage in schmoozing with

Why Schmooze?

Because we love our hula hoop. It circles around all of our favorite establishments in Old Town, Scottsdale. We love to show off our neighborhood and we have planned countless date nights for our single guy friends who seem overwhelmed at the thought of finding someplace fun and hip for dinner.

So we thought maybe it was time to let you in on a little secret. Old Town is the most amazing, eclectic mix of restaurants and bars. It’s a conflux of culture, a triangle of taste and a polygon of play. That’s right, Schmooze knows a thing or two about food, fun and apparently geometry!

If you are looking for something different than the same chain restaurant or night spot, read our recommendations and let us help you plan a fun filled night on the town!

Really, it’s what we love to do!

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