Want to get noticed?
Help new customers find you…

Part of running a successful business is attracting new people to your doors. Got a website? Facebook? Twitter? Great! But they only work if people know your name and are specifically looking for you.

How do you get in front of people who don’t even know you exist?
Schmooze is the only visually rich listing of restaurants and bars in Old Town. Over 8500 people have checked out our blog in the past year, looking for new places to try in Old Town, did they find you? Let Schmooze work for you and help people discover what they have been missing. Have the best patio in town? Best place for live music? Best Happy Hour? Best breakfast, you name it… we can let people know about you, even if they have never heard of you.

Recently we have expanded Schmooze to include a website, email and text messaging and Pinterest. Schmooze is also on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and Urbanspoon. We can expand your reach by featuring write-ups of your food or events on our blog complete with pictures, website exposure in multiple categories, Urbanspoon review, Pinterest Images, Foursquare tips, Facebook updates and Twitter chatter all on our network of over 10,000 people waiting to discover what makes you so special. Sure you can post on your own Facebook page, but if someone has never heard of you and isn’t a friend…. will they see it?

How can we help you?
Let us meet with you and discuss your current marketing and how we can fit in. We have a limited time, introductory offer while we launch the website. The first ten people who join us will pay just $500 a year to be included on our website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Urbanspoon, Foursquare tips, Pinterest, text messaging and email marketing.

Just give us a call at 480.710.6649 or drop us an email at jeanine@schmoozeaz.com and let us know what would be a
good time to meet with you.



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